Back to school shopping | What kids REALLY want


Back to school is looming. While we’re panicking about school uniform lists and placing last minute internet orders, have a read of what kids really want to wear/use/read straight from the horse’s 11-year-old’s mouth.

Over to Arthur…



‘The best trainer shoes that you can get in all black are Nike Air Huarache – they’re good daytime shoes and good PE shoes. Mum says they’re disgusting. I can’t describe them… They have a sock bit but not a sock – a bit like the adidas World Cup ones. They’re about £65, I think. Nike Air Max are always a good choice – you can’t go wrong and no one will say they’re disgusting. The Air Max 95s were going around before we finished for summer. I have the Air Max Axis which are a bit cheaper than Herachi. Don’t get the Vapor Max which have the bubble bottom. If you don’t like Nike, adidas Swift Run are pretty cool.
Kanye… you’ve gone out in your slippers again!
And adidas sliders. Did you see the ones Kanye wore to a wedding with socks?’


‘Any Hype or a Nike Elemental backpack are both good. The Hype ones says ‘best kids backpacks’ on the website – there are galaxy designs or plain ones but the ones that stand out are the best. The ones with particle effects.
There are some cool Deadpool backpacks in Forbidden Planet. You don’t want a small one but nothing massive. It has to be a backpack though. Although those tiny bags that adidas do are really cool where you can put your wallet and your phone in them.’


‘My new Hype one is really cool – plain black with a Hype logo. It was about £30 and we got it from John Lewis, but only online.   There was also a burgundy one that was nice.
I saw a red Air Jordan (XI Flight) one the other day but the plain black swoosh ones are good too.
I prefer tracksuit tops over hoodies now though – half-zip tops are great. Nike or adidas, it doesn’t matter. The pink Ellesse crew tops are nice.’


‘Nike and adidas do plain puffa coats – they’re exactly the same except for the logo. There are also zip-up raincoats that Nike do – they have a hood and come in loads of colours.
You can get coat versions of football tracksuits as well – it’s not exact but it’s close.
If I had to choose anything though, it’d be a puffa coat.’


‘Sonnettis are really cool. Not the adidas ball-type ones which make your things look really big. No Speedos or skintight ones. Basically, just a pair of shorts – Sonneti, Nike… But not adidas. Not the ball-type ones.’


‘I don’t really care. I don’t want a watermelon one – I’m happy with a plastic Tupperware one or even a plastic bag. Anything – but it can’t be like one of those ones from H&M where it’s like a dinosaur or a spaceman. Actually, the Sistema ones are good as they have lots of compartments to put stuff in.’


‘Loads of black felt tips! I managed to get a Nike pencil case that came with my grey Nike backpack. I went to an art shop today and got an amazing pen and pencil. We went to Wilko’s as well – I got a ruler, some Berol handwriting pens and loads of highlighters. Not the thick rectangle ones, ones that are like pens. I also got a massive rubber from Stationary World plus two nice little rubbers you can put on the top of pencils. Wilko’s is good for stationery.’
‘Not tiney-winey ones. Trunks not briefs – ones like boxers. Not white ones as that’s just weird – even if they are boxers. Grey or black or navy. No characters any more – I want camo. Actually, not camo.
Socks – I like sports socks. I have Nike Crew socks. To be honest, I don’t care as long as they go with the shoes that you’re wearing.’


‘At my school, you can choose a reading book – it’s part of my five a day. I like Simpsons comics, the F2 books, football books plus books about trainers. Funny books are great as are fact books about football skills or videogames – it’s hard to concentrate sometimes on long books and chapter books if it’s noisy. I’m reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas but I’m also dipping into loads of other books right now. I also like diary books – World Of Norm, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates.’
Thanks, Arthur.
Life was so much simpler when you just had to find a clean babygrow, wasn’t it?

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