Happy 80th birthday Beano!


Beano is the world’s longest running comic. We literally break a new world record every week the new edition is published! We know, that’s SO BEANO!

And today we celebrate 80 years of Beano. Happy birthday to us!

Beano was as rebellious in 1938 as it is now, breaking the mould of traditional kids’ mags which were text-heavy, and introducing pictures to tell the stories instead. Plus, Beano’s stories featured kids as the heroes – another first.

But our Dennis wasn’t one of the original characters – he is a more recent introduction making his debut in 1951.

And he doesn’t seem to have gotten any less wild in the 67 years since!

Back in the fifties, over 2 million kids read Beano. And that’s the same number that use Beano.com today.

This week, we celebrate with a special 80th anniversary issue featuring David Walliams as guest editor.

And we’ve re-launched the Dennis and Gnasher Fan Club, too! Think of it as our gift to you.

Happy 80th birthday Beano!

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