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Beano Studios Partners with YoungMinds


Beano Studios has announced a landmark partnership with YoungMinds, with a focus on educating children and parents on digital wellbeing and resilience.

Beano Studios will work with YoungMinds, part of the Heads Together initiative, helping them to communicate directly with primary school children on the themes of emotional literacy, recognising the signs of mental health problems and where to get help.

A YouGov study commissioned by Beano Studios found that more than half of parents believed the internet contributes to poor mental health in children under 12. 

Emma Scott, CEO of Beano Studios, said: “Beano and Mental Health may not seem like an obvious fit, but for 80 years, in amongst all the fun, we have been addressing topical and sometimes difficult issues that matter to children. We have a unique platform to reach children across the comic and digital at Beano.com and I strongly believe we can help YoungMinds in their mission.”

Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive of YoungMinds said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Beano Studios to help children recognise the signs if they’re feeling down and understand what they can do to cope.”