They’re back! Catastrophe series 4 starts tomorrow night on Channel 4


Our favourite dysfunctional, foul-mouthed family is back on our screens tomorrow night! Catastrophe series 4 begins at 10pm on Tuesday 8 January 2019.

Here’s what we can expect from Catastrophe series 4 over the next six weeks.

To celebrate something vaguely good about January, we’ve compiled some our favourite clips and quotes from Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney. You’re welcome. Oh, and these clips are pretty much expletive-riddled so DEFFO not safe to play with kids in earshot!

On their relationship

Sharon: If a normal courtship is a dance, then ours is like a heart attack or seizure or something.

Rob: Even if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t kill you. Or have you killed.


The best/worst mother/mother-in-law ever portrayed on TV

(We miss you Carrie Fisher.)

On marriage

Rob: My mom sent me an article about a study on arranged marriages versus love marriages, and they found that fewer arranged marriages end in divorce than real ones.

Sharon: Is that because they end in suicide?


Exchanging creative insults

On Sharon’s mood

Sharon: Emotionally, I suppose I’m…

Rob: A dumpster fire.

Sharon: A bit up and down.


On the morning after


On other people’s arguments

Sharon: I love watching young couples argue.

Rob: I can’t keep my eyes off of ’em.

Sharon: I hope he hits her. And then the cops tase him and he falls in the river.

Rob: Now you’re talkin’.

Sharon: If we ever sound like that, please get a gun from America and shoot us both.

Rob: We sound like that all the time.

Sharon: Do we? Yeah, but we’ve got real problems.


On nipples


On Sharon’s pregnant body

Rob: Your boobs look extra big in that dress. If you had those when we met, I would’ve gotten you double pregnant.


On boozy brother-in-laws

On being an adult

Sharon: Are you realising how shit it is being an adult with responsibilities? All your dreams just… ‘Oh, no, my dreams!’


The first time Rob meets Sharon’s bestie, Kate


And finally, here are Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney on how they wrote Catastrophe series 4


There’s probably just about enough time to re-watch series 1-3 of Catastrophe over on All4 before series 4 begins.



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