The Beano’s Christmas Cinema Movie Guide 2018 part one


The kids are off school, the walls have been climbed twice but it’s raining cats, dogs and probably sharks if we checked. Where can you take the kids to get them out of the house and out of your hair? “LET’S GO TO THE PICTURES!!!!”

As it’s Chrimbo, there’s absolutely bugger all on for adults so this list is pretty much kids stuff all the way. But will it be something you can actually enjoy or will you be snoring all the way through whilst the kids go nuts on Tango Ice Blasts?


Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 PG

If Wreck-It Ralph is one of your favourite family films (and any film that has Q*bert in it should be), then this long-awaited sequel is gonna blow your tiny mind. Actually, Wreck-It Ralph AND the internet are two of our favourite things, but as the title suggests perhaps not when the former breaks the latter. Anyway, no idea how you ‘get inside’ the internet to break it but Ralph and the returning Vanellope von Schweetz do and it’s all fun and in-jokes (although the brand overload gets a bit much) as they attempt to save Vanellope’s racing arcade game. And yes, it’s still Sarah Silverman. We love Sarah Silverman.


The Grinch U

Cumberbatch as the green grumpy pants who hates Christmas? Animation from Illumination, the studio behind Despicable Me, Minions and Sing? We’re in! A twist on the classic Dr Seuss tale with all its trademark surrealism and clever-clever dialogue, you all know the story of The Grinch by now but this one also features Cindy-Lou Who trying to trap Santa Claus so that she can thank him for help for her overworked single mother. Will it all work out in the end for Cindy-Lou, Mr Grinch and scene-stealing pooch Max? Hey, it’s Christmas – but good to see the dark side of the festive break for once. Humbug!


Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (12A)

While Aquaman may the superhero flick adults wants to watch, the buzz on the street is most definitely for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Old school Spideyheads will be in for a shock as this concentrates on Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales who, bitten by a radioactive spider in the subway, suddenly develops powers that transform him into Spider-Man. When Miles meets a certain Peter Parker, he soon realises that there are many others who share his webby talents and when the evil Kingpin starts to pull different versions of Spider-Man into our world… This a parallel universe treat and a half, with extra Spideys including Peter Porker/Spider-Ham, Spider-Noir (Nicolas Cage!!!), Spider-Gwen and even Spider-Man 2099. This is is comic nerd nirvana and we are going next week. In your face, Venom!


Pokemon The Movie: The Power Of Us PG

While the world collectively waits for the potentially amazing live-action film Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds (watch the trailer now – then watch it again), more traditional Pokémon fans should be more than happy with this latest release. The Power Of Us is the sequel to I Choose You!, which is the second in the rebooted film series (although the 21st Pokemon movie in total… 21st!) and thus exists in a different continuity to the TV episodes. The story involves five strangers (plus one Ash Ketchum – it’s not a a total reboot) who must come together and save the people and Pokémon of Fula City. Can everyone put aside their differences and work together or will it all end in destruction? One for fans obvs – and that will likely include one of your household. As for us? We’re off to watch that Detective Pikachu trailer again. LOOK AT THE BULBASAURS!


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes 15

Plenty of amazing anime out at the moment – keep an eye out for a rundown on The School Gate coming soon – and Kōhei Horikoshi’s manga offshoot My Hero Academia is one of the best. A quick recap: in a world where superpowers (called Quirks) have become the norm, Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya is powerless but still dreams of becoming a hero. After being the only one to try and save his friend from a villain, he is given a Quirk by world’s greatest hero All Might and enrolled into U.A. High School, a school that trains the next generation of superheroes. Two Heroes is a standalone story, where Deku and All Might receive an invitation to I-Expo, a man-made island where the top scientists of the world reside and perform research on Quirks. It’s there they meet a girl who is Quirkless just like he once was… This is decent stuff and, whilst for older kids, is one you should consider if you want a unique take on superheroing beyond Marvel and DC. Welcome to your new obsession!


These five are all animated but there are plenty more movies out this month – come back later this week for our pick of the live action festive films! Stay tuned…