Dog Training Tips from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home


Where’s Gnasher? Beano readers will know that Dennis’s dog went missing in the two most recent issues (if only he’d read our dog training tips!).

The storylines highlight a new partnership between Beano Studios and animal welfare charity Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

We were lucky enough to visit Battersea Dogs & Cats Home recently to get some super helpful tips on how to train dogs from Nat, a dog behaviour expert. She shows Emma a few simple tricks to get a dog to sit, lie down and stay all the while ignoring distractions… just like Emma doing star jumps! It turns out that treats and voice commands are the way to success.

The real star of the show though is Oakley, the awesome cocker spaniel demonstrating the moves! He’s so focused on these dog training tips, apart from the when he tried to bite the microphone. We still love you Oakley!

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