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It’s all about Face Altering Apps this week…


At Beano, we like to have an ear to the ground (well…playground) and find out the stuff your kids might be talking about. 

Face Altering Apps

 These clever apps are keeping the kids very entertained and amused this week! Ever wondered what you would look like at the age of 100? Or if you swapped your face with celeb? How about becoming the opposite sex? Head over to Beano.com for more face app shenanigans!


It was game of the year in 2017 but it still amazes our kids coming into 2018! If you don’t know much about it this addictively good 3D game then you and your kids can find some interesting facts about on beano.com. 

Family Vloggers

Family vloggers have made it in this week’s top trends for our kids. The girls are particularly interested in the DIY videos and food clips. Some of the top family youtubers include Sis vs Bro and The Ingham Family.


These cute collectibles reflect the gift of friendship and there are 84 of them to collect. Each gift’em includes three dolls with one of them is a mystery doll. Kids just can’t get enough!