Fortnite Season 7 | What’s it all about?


For the past fortnight (see what we did there), our kids have spoken of two things: Christmas, and Fortnite Season 7. We’ve nodded in agreement while frenziedly adding extra loo roll to the festive Ocado order, but we don’t really know what they’re on about.

So, we asked our resident Fortnite expert to tell us more. Need a basic grounding in Fortnite first? Have a read of our parents’ guide to Fortnite or have a watch of this clip of top gamer Ninja on the Jimmy Fallon show talking about why kids love Fortnite.

Now that you’re up to speed (and you’ve learned how to do the Pon Pon dance), let’s find out what Fortnite Season 7 is all about.

What are Fortnite seasons?

According to our 11-year-old, new seasons of Fortnite come out every few months or so. ‘Season 2 was night, season 4 was hi-tech stuff, season 5 was kind of vikings and stuff, and season 6 was spooky stuff because it was Halloween. And now this season it’s icy, winter, Christmas kind of thing.’

‘In each season, there’s a new map or a new storyline. There’s a Battle Pass each season that you have to buy [about £10 or 950 V-Bucks], but you get loads of skins and dances and stuff with that. You have 80 or 90 days to complete it. Everyone gets excited about a new season because you don’t know what’s in it.’

So what IS in Fortnite Season 7?

‘In Fortnite Season 7, they’ve added quite a lot more places on the map. They’ve added some new items, new skins in a whole new Battle Pass. They brought in an aeroplane this season – you can fly around and it has a really big machine gun on it you can use to break stuff.’

Cool! Anything else?

‘There was a sword called the Infinity Blade you could get but there was only one in the map and it took you 15 seconds to get it. You had to wait there pulling it out which meant you were likely to get killed. They took it out in the end because it was a one-hit swing and you could get twenty kills in one go which is a lot.’

Have a watch of this to understand more about the blade, dubbed ‘the most controversial 80 hours in Fortnite history!’

Beats Brexit news any day.


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