Girls’ Winter Coats | 2018 Buying Guide


We’re nearing the end of October and that dreaded date when the clocks go back *cue tears from anyone with small children who already get up eye-wincingly early*. Surely it’s going to get cold soon? And when it does, we’re going to be READY with girls’ winter coats, warm and (more importantly) Beano-approved. (This post contains some affiliated links.)

You’ll have seen our boys’ winter coats guide earlier this week, but as any savvy parent knows, boys’ clothes are rather more limited in their options. So here’s our chance to go all-out nutso Tween Vogue on you.

Some kids (pity them) will go to schools where coats are part of the uniform code. If this is the case, you’ll find nothing here I’m afraid. Go to that section of the shop where they make the functional stuff in the boring colours, much like those dreadful black leather school shoes that literally no-one on the planet likes.

But if you’re free to wear whatever you like over that blazer/badged hoodie then read on.

What options are out there for girls coats this winter?

We’ve scoured the virtual shelves from some of our favourite retailers to find our top five girls’ winter coats – expect style, a bit of bling, but also warmth and (oh go on then) practicality.

Sequins? Stars? Cool American 50s vibe? Tick. Tick. Tick. Boden’s Star Bomber Jacket is exceptionally cool and we just really, really wish we could have one in our size. They’re sized from 5-6 right up to 15-16 and we *might* just order one in the largest size. You never know, right? (Not into sequins? They also make this jacket in navy and red VELVET. You’re welcome.)

Hello Audrey Hepburn chic! Where were you when we were kids? This Trench coat from Uniqlo comes in navy or classic beige and we’re very much enjoying the cute bow detail at the front. This one is waterproof and would basically crank the sophistication button up to ten when worn over any old outfit. Well done, Uniqlo.

There will be a time in our lives when the thought of our daughters wearing biker jackets will fill us with dread but that’s a post for, ooh, about seven years time. Meanwhile, she’s gonna look AWESOME in this H&M biker jacket! Just the right amount of cool and quite a lot of sass.

It wouldn’t be a winter coats guide without a parka, would it? This Cozy Parka Jacket from Gap is fur trimmed and comes in sensible black (boo) as well as frivolous hibiscus pink (yay!). We’re all for a functional garment in a silly colour, hence the pink’s inclusion on our list.

And finally, a compromise between the two – the hooded jacket with Stormwear from M&S. Yes, it’s black, it’s waterproof, it’s a hooded jacket BUT ON THE OTHER HAND it has lobster pink (yes, lobster pink) details in the zip, cuffs, pockets and hood.


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