Cool Halloween costumes for kids | Halloween 2018


Man, it was all so easy when you could dress them as a pumpkin or a Dracula or whatever was on sale in Asda, right? Now they’re older and ‘into fashion’, finding Halloween costumes for kids who have now decided they give a damn about being cool is trickier. (This post contains affiliated links.)

Yes, they still want to go out creating havoc and putting a dent into the EU sugar mountain but self-consciousness is now here to stay – and it’s wearing a Hype backpack.

Fear not! We’ve rounded up the best spooky outfits for girls and boys (tweens and teens!) that’ll keep them happy in the cool stakes while still freaking the hell out of the neighbours you don’t like. While they’re still a bit young and innocent for Pennywise or Michael Myers, there is a middle ground. Ish.

Best Halloween costumes 2018

First stop, Fortnite. Even with FIFA 19 hitting the shops, that game is still all the kidz will talk about, so it makes sense to go full on Battle Royale on 31 October. Luckily, some of the game’s characters are Halloween-flavoured already – try the Skull Trooper or Raven. Bloody terrifying.

If your kid is more into Minecraft than Fortnite, then we’ve got some ideas for you, too. The nerdy block game beloved of Stampy is mercifully rammed with creepy characters, so just pick one – choose from zombies, Creepers or Endermen.

If you’re a bit cupcakes and want to risk a Pinterest-style ‘Nailed it!’ hack, then give this excellent ‘Stabbed in the back!’ idea a go. Take one Minecraft costume, make a hole in the chest front and back, fashion two halves of a pixellated sword out of box (or something) and fix inside the costume. Apply liberal amounts of fake blood to the wound, and possibly dripping from the victim’s blocky gob too. In your face, Stampy.

What else? This. This is about the freakiest costume without breaking the internet. Terrifying.

If your kid is a little less woke, then the coolest more mainstream costumes IOHO are Maleficent ‘This curse will last till the end of time!’ and Wacko ‘Look everyone, I’m dangling my baby off a balcony’ Jacko. Nightmares before breakfast.

Finally, it wouldn’t be Halloween without pranks– and there’s only one fella who can deliver those blindfolded. Dennis the Menace is already most parents’ idea of a real life horror story, but you can tweak his look one step further and turn him into… A freakish zombie pirate clown! Just add a waistcoat, an eye patch and a slash of Heath Ledger lippy. Y’aarRRRGGGHH, ME HEARTIES!

Tangfastic, anyone?


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