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It seems to happen overnight. You send a sweet-smelling child to bed and what emerges in the morning is a pongy youth. How?! The answer is obviously hormones but let’s skirt over that one. Instead, here’s our rundown of parent-approved skincare for teens and tweens that should eliminate the whiff while keeping armpits/faces (and bathrooms) clean and sweet-smelling. (This post contains some affiliated links.)

Victoria, mum of two, says ‘Don’t they all use Dior or whatever these days? All these teenagers are priming and getting microbladed and contouring, while when I was a teenager I wore blue eyeshadow from Boots 17 range with Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick if I wanted to be fancy. I used Clearasil to wash my face.’

Much as we love a trip down memory lane, this is all about the kids. So what’s out there for our stinky lil darlings?

Bath and body products

Franky has a teen daughter and tween son and says: ‘Lush and The Body Shop are popular with Izzy and her friends. Impulse still popular too! [Who knew?] Not specifically aimed at kids obviously. Original Source shower gels also great and super affordable in Boots.’ Just don’t use the mint & tea tree one *downstairs*.

Sally recommended Spots and Stripes, a new brand but one we’d consider a squirt of ourselves, truth be told. They look fancy.

Kate, mum of three, says ‘We use essential oils in the bath. J was given Lynx but we all hate the smell and he uses an Aldi roll-on. S has Body Shop bath bubble bars and body mists and occasionally Lush bath bombs.’

Kate’s view is reassuringly pragmatic: ‘As cheap but as natural as possible as they are going to be flooded with chemicals when they hit teen years.’ True.

Beth says ‘On the high street, the Body Shop tea tree face wash is great, as is their aloe wash – my daughter loves this as it comes out as a foam.’

Plenty of parents suggested a product range called Sam Farmer (named after the guy who developed them for his kids). ‘I think they sell them in bigger Superdrugs’, says Rachel, ‘but I ordered them online. They seemed to work really well although I think Max has been a bit slack about using them recently as his skin has got worse again.’

If you’re after more natural options, Lucy’s recommendation is Sukin: ‘Affordable, natural and brilliant products!’, old favourites Burt’s Bees, or give Green People’s vegan OY! Organic Youth range a try.



Kate has two teenage sons. ‘Lynx is a popular “gateway” product for early teenage boys who are getting into their grooming, which will eventually give way to slightly less pungent options – anything featuring the words “Sport” “48hr Protection” and “For Men” in blue/silver/bright orange packaging, if advertised by a footballer, bonus. See: L’Oreal and Nivea or anything their dad uses.’

SarahLou recommends Superdrug as a good entry level/inexpensive option. ‘Try roll-on or cream deodorants rather than sprays and check labels for aluminium or whatever the scary stuff is.’

Rachel ‘In terms of deodorant, look for anything that says 48 hours…avoid the ones called ‘deodorant bodyspray’, they last about 10 minutes and then the stink starts…’


And for problem skin?

Looking to splash out? Kate’s friend recommended the Palmarosa range from Neal’s Yard for teenage skin. ‘I shelled out for H (14)’, she says, ‘but he wouldn’t touch it! I ended up using it and now have the skin of an 18 year old.’ We’d call that a win.

Kat rates the Dermalogica Clear Start stuff. ‘The wash helped calm my skin down.’

Katie says ‘Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser is amazing, all natural and meant to be so good for acne. I’ve been using it for years and wish I’d had it when I was a teenager!’


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