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It’s all about Squishies this week…


At Beano, we like to have an ear to the ground (… well, playground) and find out the stuff your kids might be talking about.



Yes, those amazingly soft and super satisfying toys are all the talk this week. And what is even more perfect is that kids are also raving about stress relief balls which could be a handy alternative to the mighty Squishie.

Here is a funny squishie video to share with your kids and for more Squishie inso on how to make your own Squishie with your kids head over to beano.com!

Youtuber Ali A

Youtube sensation Ali A is hot topic this week as he continues to amaze kids with his gaming. He has focused his videos on the hottest game at the moment – Fortnite.

If you want to be in the know on Ali A and why kids love him you can find more about him here.


The Greatest Showman Soundtrack 

Starring Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman continues to amaze our kids ears this week. And if you and your kids want to have a go at guessing the correct lyrics… give it a try here.



The girls are loving sandbox this week, the online colouring book that allows you to create modern masterpieces of digital art!