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Talk of home-tutoring is big at the school gate. Competition for grammar school places, worries about whether a child will be able to keep up once they hit big school, or a general desire to get ahead drives chatter about after-school tutoring. So, does your kid need a private tutor? Beano has spotted an offer that might help you find out! (This post contains affiliated links.)

Does my child need a home tutor?

It’s a personal decision. Ironically, if it’s school gate chatter that’s led you here, we’re going to send you right back. What are other parents in your area doing? Perhaps there are after-school clubs or groups your child could join to save the expense of one-to-one tutoring.

Bend the ear of your child’s teacher too. If they don’t think tutoring is required, it probably isn’t – of course, that depends what kind of relationship you have with the teacher. A good one, we hope! (Apple, anyone?)

What problems can tutoring solve?

Not all of them. One-on-one attention or tutoring in small groups can really benefit any child, but it’s not going to turn everything around if you’re starting in a bad place. If you’re concerned about your child’s learning, first-up you should speak to their teacher. Don’t wait for parents’ evening: if you’re worried, get down there and have a frank conversation.

Tutoring can work wonders though: parents and carers can claw back some time to look after themselves (or sort the dinner) instead of moonlighting as a teacher. If learning at home causes tension in the relationship you have with your child, formalising the process by recruiting a tutor will probably get them much further, more quickly. How is it that other adults hold so much more sway over our kids? (Sit down! …again.)

How common is tutoring?

One in four parents pay a tutor to help their children learn (and those figures are from a while back, it may be more now). At the same time, private tutoring companies can sometimes stand accused of preying on the fears of parents to make some quick cash… though if you’ve ever tried to help a nine year old with their fractions you’ll know it’s not easy.

It depends on the parent, the needs of the child, what the teacher has to say and what the tutor can offer. Ask questions, and know what you want to achieve by consulting a tutor for your child.

You mentioned an offer?

Yes, indeed we did! Here at Beano, we’ve been chatting to the folks at Matr, the largest online teaching business in the UK.

Online tutoring could be a great way of inviting a tutor into your home… without inviting a tutor into your home. Matr have been providing maths support to thousands of students (44,023 to be precise!) in over 1,500 schools across the country since 2013. They’ve recently been working to make their one-to-one maths tuition programmes available to children at home too. “One-to-one learning too often remains the privilege of the lucky few,” Matr says. “We want to help change this.”

Matr’s one-to-one maths tuition is:

  • available 7 days a week at a time that suits your schedule
  • personalised to your child, aligned to the national curriculum
  • delivered at home, via an online classroom
  • available via a monthly subscription, at prices from just £12 per session

Tutoring deal alert!

Book one of Matr’s programmes now and get a free trial of up to two free personalised maths sessions. The free trial period runs for 14 days from the date you book, and all session booking will be free with a maximum of one session per week.

You won’t be billed until the 14th day of your free trial and you can cancel anytime before the free trial ends. After this, there’s a minimum of 1-month commitment.

A pain-free tuition trial! Sound like a winner? Follow this link to book in with Matr now.


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