Mandi and her Mobile


As part of our Beano 80th anniversary celebrations, we’re introducing a new character specially for our birthday issue: Mandi and her Mobile.

In her debut issue, Mandi gets her first mobile phone – a big moment in every tween’s life. But with great power comes great responsibility. How will Mandi navigate some of the negative aspects of life online?

Mandi is a new character specifically created to engage children with mental health. Mandi’s storylines will see her deal with everyday issues that can create stress and anxiety in children, and was developed with YoungMinds. YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Have a read of our recent collaboration with the charity: Ten ways for parents to help children cope with change.

Alongside Mandi, our 80th anniversary special features another new character.

The special issue went on sale on July 25th, immortalises David in the comic strip alongside the ‘Bash Street Kids’ and characters from his best-selling children’s books, ‘The World’s Worst Children’.

David Walliams also invented Moe; a brand-new character who debuts in a new strip called ‘Moe’s Monkey Feet’. Loosely based on his son, the story sees Moe using his amazingly dextrous feet to play pranks on other notorious Beano characters.

As well as writing his own comic strips, David commissioned a special BeanoTown adventure. Dennis & Gnasher, Minnie the Minx and Bananaman all team up to defeat an out-of-this-world visitor. The strip also nods to the comic’s 80 years of success, by including iconic characters like Lord Snooty, Tin-Can Tommy and Pansy Potter.

To accommodate all of David Walliams’ ideas, extra paper had to be ordered so the birthday issue could be expanded into a 44-page bumper edition. The special celebratory front cover sees Walliams himself appearing in Beano form, with Dennis, Minnie the Minx, Gnasher and David’s beloved dog Bert.

Want to get hold of the special bumper 44-page birthday issue? You have one day left!