Parent truths – lying in front of your kids


Stacy Solomon’s view on lying in front of your kids

“I try to be really honest with my kids at all times, because I want them to be honest with me. But I do sometimes lie in front of them without even realising.

For example, if we go to a theme park, my little boy’s five and he’s classed as a ‘big kid’ in terms of the entry fee, but he can’t go on half the rides because he’s not tall enough, which is unfair, isn’t it?

So I always say, ‘One under-five, please’, without even thinking about it. And of course he overhears and goes, ‘I’m not under five, why are you lying?’.

And so then I have to explain that lying is usually not okay, but in this instance Mummy thinks it’s fine because Mummy thinks these people are taking the mickey out of her and exploiting her.”