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The Beano take on KS2 SATs for kids


Beano.com launch a series of ‘take a SATs break’ satisfying videos

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If you can remember far enough back to being in year 6, congratulations! The thought of doing those big, bad SATs now gives us the heebie jeebies (we STILL have nightmares of not being prepared for that dreaded maths exam!).

If SATs have been a BIG thing in your family for the past few weeks, then you’ll probably sympathise with the views of our Beano Trend Spotters:

“I’m looking forward to getting them out of the way. We’ve been doing a lot of preparation. I know what to expect – you are not even allowed to talk or ask questions! I’m quite chilled about it but I’m excited about the Friday because we are having a SATS party at school and we get our leavers sweatshirts.”

Excellent! New sweatshirts would butter us up a bit, too.

“I’ve been doing a lot of prepping. I’m quite confident – I’ve known since the start of Year 6 that this is a big year. It’s important so that we get good classes at senior school. Mum and I have agreed that I cut Fortnite to weekends only so that I get some studying in. That’s reasonable”

Fortnite-fest from Friday then?

For those of you with the inclination to go through past papers to see how you would do, you can have a go online (go on, you know you want to!).

At the weekend, Beano.com launched a ‘serious’ SATs video to help kids relax this weekend ahead of the year 6 exams next week.

You can also show this video to your kids online at Beano.com where they can also do lots of other fun stuff to take their mind off revising this weekend.

And if have you kids in the eye of the SATs storm…

GOOD LUCK from us all at BEANO!