World Cup 2018 crafts | The best and worst on the internet


A massive global shared experience like the World Cup is the perfect time to get crafty (or not) with the kids, make some impressive nibbles and generally engage in some sporting one-upmanship.

But just like the teams themselves, some are better than others. Here are the internet’s best – and worst – World Cup craft, snack and decoration ideas to try.


What do you mean, your house doesn’t look very footbally? That’s easily rectified. This football bunting appears to be football balloons and green balloons strung up with a bit of string. No, it definitely won’t take ages to tie them all on and to get the ladder out and to figure out where to tie it from and to referee an argument from up the ladder. Ten mins max.

Or, if you’ve got these white paper lampshades already, cut out some black hexagons from card and Blutack them on.

And put that newly laid lawn to use by painting white stripes all over it. Dad definitely won’t mind at all.



Basic: print out some World Cup colouring sheets and watch the kids a. scribble half-heartedly, b. break the nibs off all the felt tips, and c. start a barney with their brother or sister.

If your kid has a favourite player, get them to make a terrifying effigy for you to stick up on the fridge for the duration of the competition.

Sew this… this… we’re not actually sure WHAT it’s supposed to be but we love it, darling!

Top score for these intricate hama bead World Cup crafts. You know you’ll be hoovering them up for weeks to come, but it’s worth half an hour’s peace.

Stick balls on sticks. Paint football pattern on. Use them for whatever you like (no idea).


And the piece de resistance? Make your own trophy! A remarkably accurate replica.


If you think orange quarters will cut the mustard then think again. It’s not 1983 anymore.

The least you could do is to stick some flags into some sandwiches.

If you’ve got a massive fridge and a lot of patience, you could fashion some flag jellies.

Let the kids go nuts with tubes of black icing to make these football cupcakes.

If you’re Pinterest mum, you might have to get out the special nozzles and go to town on these premier league cupcakes.

Top points for this football piñata cake!

Carnivore, vegetarian or vegan, there’s something for everyone on this curiously unappetising Italian flag platter.

A pitch made of guacamole? Not that appealing tbh.

But holy moly, look at this snack stadium!

And for the grown ups? Enjoy a flag cocktail or seven. You’ve earned it.

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