World Mental Health Day | Wednesday 10 October 2018


When you think about the colour yellow, what pops into your head? McDonalds’ majestic golden arches? That cute lil’ Snapchat ghost fella? That bloody Coldplay song? BANANAMAN?! (This post contains some affiliated links.)

Nope. Yellow is the colour of of sunshine, hope, and happiness – and it’s being harnessed by YoungMinds for World Mental Health Day on Wednesday 10 October 2018. With their #HelloYellow campaign, YoungMinds are asking kids around the country will be embracing the colour yellow to help spread the word that, whatever you are going through, you can talk to someone if you are struggling to cope.

More children and young people than ever before are seeking help with their mental health, but fewer than one in ten find it easy to get the support they need.

Want to get involved? Here’s how!

Tons of schools have already signed up, asking pupils to come to school on Wednesday 10 October wearing something yellow.

We’ve rounded up our favourite yellow-themed accessories:

Go big or go home in a Pikachu costume

Get the whole family together to wear these Simpsons masks  

See how much of your body you can cover in yellow face paint

Make your nails into mini-Minions with this nail varnish

The minute you walk in the door, this feather boa will set pulse racing (okay, you might not fancy this)

Retro nostalgic list feature alert! Why not make teatime a yellow-only time, including these amazing Barratt banana sweets. Hmm…

Peanut butter jelly time! Someone out there HAS to wear this banana costume!

Some schools are inviting pupils to accessorise their school uniform with anything yellow – well done, School Fellas! – but no one wants a repeat of The Night Before World Book Day, right? Here are a few easy accessories to suggest to your nippers:


Baseball hats!

Amazing wigs!

‘Antenna boppers’ (or deely boppers, as they should be known…)

AMAZING costume jewellery

Pineapple badges!

Socks/tights or legwarmers/anything else from Flashdance


Ties (for wearing around the head, natch)

Jumpers/tee shirts

And now the cool stuff! Why not sport one of our ace new Bananaman t-shirts for adults?

He may be pitch black (i.e. dirty), but this Gnasher ‘Trouble Maker’ tee for kids is as canary yellow as they come!

Those are just a few ideas! What have we missed? Will you be raiding the wardrobe/charity shop/ASOS (delete as applicable)? Leave a comment below or send us your yellow peril snaps from the day – email me at!

More ways to fundraise

1. Bake!

Make and sell banana bread, yellow cupcakes or lemon drizzle cake! Get the recipe for Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain’s #helloYellow Lemon and Turmeric Oaties.

2. Donate!

Text YMHYOO and the amount you want to give to 70070 or visit

Mmm… McDonalds. Fundraising is hungry work. Who’s for a banana shake and salty fries? Hang on a minute, we know a cartoon about bananas…


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