Year 7 wobbles | Help for secondary school kids


A couple of weeks into the new school term and the dust is starting to settle. Kids are getting used to the year 7 routine – the busy transition between classes, the bus journey, the getting up REALLY EARLY.

But some kids might take a little longer to acclimatise and feelings of overwhelm are not unusual.

YoungMinds knows how it feels. As part of our ongoing partnership with the youth mental health charity, we’re sharing some tips on how you can help your child to feel less, well, wobbly.

Breathing Techniques and Grounding Exercises

Teach your child to do this breathing technique if they start to feel anxious at school. Say to them:

“Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, hold your breath for 1,2,3… breathe out slowly through your mouth. Do this three times.”

This grounding exercise can help your child turn their thoughts outwards and away from their anxious feelings inside:

Look around and name in your head, not aloud, the following:

Name four sounds you can hear
Name your three favourite colours in the room
Name two things you can smell
Name on thing that’s great about you

Find Your Feet

Transitioning to secondary school can be a difficult time for children. Find Your Feet is about helping children cope with this transition and preparing them for any other changes and challenges they will face in life. You can watch this film with your kids.

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